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Our system is designed to attract attention to your Instagram account and gain more comments, likes, and followers.

When we created the system, it was just made for our personal needs. We wanted to get more Instagram followers without spending the time doing it all by hand (follow unfollow, liking pictures, commenting on pictures), so we developed these tools in order to make the process simple and effective.

Many people go the route of buying followers to make their Instagram look popular. However, these are only fake accounts, which don’t interact with your account in any meaningful sort of way. With our system, you will generate a following of REAL people who are actually interested in what you’re doing.

We work with celebrities, start-ups, brand names, anything! Everyone knows the benefits of having a large number of followers, and we can help you. With us, you will quickly rise the ranks into Instagram stardom!

This service will help you:

  • Increase your followers
  • Target active and real followers
  • Target potential customer
  • Target malaysian followers
  • Increase your engagement
  • Boost your sales

How much is the price?

Kindly check our product page.

Do I get a refund if I would like to discontinue?

Refund is not available for Instagram service, due to each account has server purchased by us at cost. However, you may convert to other services based on the value.

It is better to have high level of interestingness in your account. What do you guys mean by interestingness?

  • Your pictures – Instagram is very visual. Must be attractive, using models to showcase your product is the best.
  • Your product lines – It is best to focus on 1 product category. Your shop is not 7-eleven. If you sell everything, you sell nothing. Jack of all trades, master of none. Be the best at what ur selling, and people will remember your brand.
  • Your pricing – Reasonable price to your target market.
  • Your branding – Includes everything from ur pictures,model and packaging.
  • Post – Post new pics at least 3 times a day. If u post once a week. Nobody in the world can help u.

Who should purchase this system?
Individual, Brands, Celebrities, or anyone who would like their Instagram become active and non-stop notification alerts of likes/comments/followers.

What if I just created my instagram account?

It is advisable for you to post at least 30-50 pictures so that your potential customer will get the idea what are you selling. And also will help us to better target and filter your potential instagram followers.

How do we do it?

  • We will log in your account on your behalf. Then we will increase your engagement using our safe system.
  • During the management period, we will autolike, autofollow/autounfollow and autocomment(optional to turn off any) targeted pictures and targeted users of instagram.
  • In return of these engagement, your followers will follow you back.

Are you sure they will follow back?

Usually they will follow back or else we will not be doing this business. Because they follow your account willingly and usually they will not unfollow you because they like your brand and your product.

I don’t like my followings to be higher than my followers. Can you help me?

We understand that you don't like your followings to be higher than your followers, thats why we will autounfollow after your following quota reach (every 200).

What do we need from you?

  • A screenshot of your account (to monitor your progress – before and after service)
  • Your username and password
  • Min 10 and max 100 instagram account that have the same target market or your competitors instagram name (must be public, if the instagram account is private you must follow their account first in order for us to follow their followers)

How do we target pictures and followers?

We target pictures using your competitors list that you gave us. We will interact with their followers by liking and following their followers.

Example: Your IG account is @ABC, your competitor is @XYZ, we will go to @XYZ profile and follow their followers. Then we will like their pictures. Hows that sound? Super Duper Great!

What if my business don’t have a strategic hashtag to be used for targeting the users?

Don’t worry, thats why we need you to give us 10 local instagram account that have the same target market like you. Or just give us your 5 biggest competitors. We will interact with their followers.

Is it legal to use your system?

Yes, it is completely legal. You will not be violating any laws or Instagram policies by purchasing this service.

Can I still upload photos?

You can still upload pictures and comment from your phone as usual but we highly recommend that you minimize your liking and following activity because we are doing that job for you.

Do you have any client testimonials?

Client testimonials are available at our instagram page @igfame_my or click this link https://instagram.com/igfame_my

Okay i’m interested, but I need to ask you guys a few questions. How do I contact you guys?

For fastest responce please Call/SMS/Whatsapp:+60123797764


Alternatively, do email us at people@peoplegraphy.com.my

What happens next after I ordered and paid?

We will contact you via whatsapp/email/call and will proceed to next step from there.

How long will it take to process my order? In other words, when can you guys start?

Normally it will only take 24-48 hours for us to set your account.

I have a Sdn Bhd (Pvt Ltd) company or working with a government agency, can you guys provide Quotation/Invoice/Purchase Order?

Yes we can.

I am not based in Malaysia. Can you guys help me?

Yes we can. The service is available to everyone on the earth :)



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