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MeetMe Malaysia Speed Dating

What is MeetMe Malaysia?
Malaysia's first premier dating service with a modern twist to meet new potential partners in a fun loving and exciting way. MeetMe Malaysia redefine the way of men and women meet, date and fall in love, proving that love is possible through meeting up in person.
什么是MeetMe Malaysia?
马来西亚首个高素质的联谊约会服务,通过轻松愉快以及扣人心弦的方式觅寻理想兼有潜能的交往伴侣或对象。MeetMe Malaysia 重新定义男女之间见面,约会和坠入爱河的方式,证明爱情是可以通过联谊而建立起来的。 

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Posted by MeetMe Malaysia on Thursday, 11 June 2015

Tired of the bar and club scene? social media apps and blind dates?
At MeetMe Malaysia, you will enjoy a series of dates. We will be doing the pre-screening of the profile, the coordination and the confirmation. All you need to do is show up and enjoy the date we’ve prepared for you.
在MeetMe Malaysia,您绝对能够在我们一系列的安排约会中得到非一般的体验。我们将为您做初步个人资料筛选和个性化分析、协调以及确认的行动。您只需出席并享受我们为您精心准备的联谊服务。

Interested in meeting new people and decides who you want to date?
MeetMe Malaysia lets you meet and get closer to any men or women at the event and discover if they are your “cup of tea”. With MeetMe Malaysia you are sure to avoid unpleasant surprises and saves your time on dates that you will immediately know to have no outcome.
MeetMe Malaysia 能够让您在我们安排的联谊里认识并且进一步的了解出席的男女会员;通过我们,您将能够避免不愉快的惊喜,也许可以为您避免浪费时间于显然没有结果的约会。

Who's on MeetMe Malaysia?
People from all around Malaysia with diverse backgrounds, community of fun loving singles who share a common goal which is meeting up other singles to connect, date, have fun, fall in love and form loving relationships.
谁将出现于MeetMe Malaysia联谊活动?

What about Privacy?
Your privacy is our utmost concern thus all applications will be strictly kept private and confidential.



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